"If you feel misaligned, tense, can't move your body without feeling discomfort, then you haven't seen Dr. Lila Wolfe yet, because she will get you even real quick. Chiropractic care that will cure a skeptic (I was one, not anymore)" Jess, Producer

“I have to tell you, that after the first adjustment, my child was 50% less spastic that week. This week, since seeing you the second time, she has not seized up or done the arm and leg tension thing all week. It’s the longest I’ve ever seen her this way. We haven’t made any other changes (dietary or otherwise) so it is easy to see it was the adjustments that made the difference. I’m thrilled to continue and see where it goes. Thank you” -CA, Hotelier

"Thank you, Dr Wolfe for literally saving my neck this week!  Wow lifesaver!!! Highly recommended"  -Ann A.

"Dr Lila is an angel!  The hippest and best chiropractor in New York City! I always leave feeling recharged and pain free."
— Elide, Interior Designer

"Dr. Lila Wolfe is amazing. She has helped reduce shoulder, hip and back pain in my life and I always feel three inches taller and ten pounds lighter when I leave her office, no joke. She explains everything to you in an easy to understand way, she is patient and has a zen like office and she works quickly and painlessly. As a crossfit athlete, I have come to her often with aches and pains and she's really helped with reducing them or making them disappear. " — Sarah,  Music Executive

"Dr. Lila Wolfe is a gem. She is a wonderful doctor and human being. She always informs you what she is doing, why she is doing it and what you can expect. She always is smiling and fun during what can be considered unpleasant, but with her, never is. 
I always feel better instantly and have significant pain reduction.
Thanks Dr. Wolfe."— Jennifer F

Dr. Lila Wolfe works miracles. For two weeks I was in a lot of pain and discomfort with sciatica. After just one visit at LIFE Chiropractic, I felt so much better. The best Chiropractor in NYC!" - James, NJ Transit Conductor

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"This a wonderful, convenient downtown location to get yourself adjusted on a lunch break from work in the financial district. Dr Wolfe is awesome and the staff are very nice. Very accepting laid-back environment." — Alex W.

Dr. Wolfe is amazing! I went in to see her with a major back issue very recently. I had thrown out my back and could not get comfortable and could not fully straighten up. Dr. Wolfe came into the examining room and we spoke about what was going on with my back. Dr. Wolfe gave me an adjustment and I was upright and almost pain-free on that first visit. After the second visit, I was fully pain-free! I cannot recommend Dr. Lila Wolfe enough! - Celeste -P.R.

There is no such thing as seeing any other chiropractor other than Dr. Wolfe.  She is hands down the best!  Professional, kind, extremely informative and a joy to visit.  She is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic about her profession and this translates to excellent care.  After seeing many health care professionals with little improvement, Dr. Wolfe managed to alleviate the chronic pain I was suffering from in my spine.  She truly has healing hands. Go see her if you want to feel free in your body again. You will not be disappointed! - F.R.

After visiting multiple physical therapists and still living with chronic back pain for over a year I felt relief after just one appointment with Dr Wolfe. The adjustment was literally life changing. Best Chiropractor!-  Ria, Nurse

I look forward to my weekly adjustments. If the thought of a stranger going to work and cracking everything in your body sounds scary, I get it. No worries! Her gentle & relaxing approach really removed all my fears. It's a very relaxing environment! 

I decided to finally go to the chiropractor for the first time and boy was it the right decision. Not enough great things to say about Dr. Wolfe. She was kind, happy, and really explained every step of the process to me. She didn't make one move without explaining what is was and the benefits, not to mention she used lots of metaphors and analogies to make sure that I actually understood what she was saying. The whole process was great and I had no soreness from my first adjustment at all. The office had a really relaxing decor and vibe. The woman at the front desk was also really nice and helpful. They even gave me a free ice pack on my way out. Would highly recommend for first timers and really anyone :) - Marissa R.

My body is finally beginning to heal. As a result I have minimal pain, more energy, and I sleep like a baby. You don't have to live with chronic pain. Visit Dr Wolfe so you can get on the path to healing and recovery. - June, Fashion Designer

"Lila is incredible. I went to her for the first time a year and a half ago with some unresolved medical issues that doctors wanted to treat with medication. She took x-rays and found a slight case of scoliosis in my lower spine which she worked on, cracking my back once a week. My medical condition is NOW TOTALLY GONE and then some!!! Absolutely incredible.
Her office is mellow and clean and she's very personable and experienced. I feel 100% safe in her hands and will continue to go back as preventative medicine for life. THANKS LILA!" — Rachael, Leather Designer

"Lila Wolfe is hands down the best chiropractor I've been too.  She not only fixes the immediate problem - in my case initially lower back pain and neck stiffness - but getting you on a path to avoid recurrence.  Overall vibe in the office is very cool, welcoming and friendly." — Gustavo S, Non-Profit 

"Dr. Wolfe is a Chiropractic God!! Truly the best in NYC. I highly recommend you pay her a visit, you'll feel like a new person when you leave." — Sam, Soul Cycle Instructor

"I love Dr. Lila Wolfe's work!! After every adjustment I always leave feeling refreshed and full of energy again. Great technique and caring nature makes for happy bodies. If you haven't checked it out yet...get in there!!" — DJ.

"Lila Wolfe is amazing. She is currently working on correcting my whiplash and has eased my discomfort by milestones. Full recovery is within reach! I absolutely recommend Dr. Wolfe. She is a caring, attentive and effervescent healer. And to top it all off, when I go to her office with my 7-year, she always looks at how he's doing and gives him the most delicate of adjustments, if needed." — Joy G.

"Great adjustments in a relaxed atmosphere. Dr. Wolfe and her staff are awesome. Go here." — Tom B.

"I was really impressed with the level of professionalism and care Dr. Wolfe provided.  When i saw her the first time, i immediately knew i was in the right hands. She explained in great detail what my situation was and put a plan in place that addressed issues.  After a few weeks i was back to myself again and continued to see her for maintenance.  The staff was very courteous and extremely helpful. Very positive experience it and i will recommend as best in the city." — Sandy R.

"Lila is amazing!  Not only is she very talented, she creates a warm and welcoming environment so you feel really cared for.  I came to her after experiencing headaches and she was able diagnose my condition quickly and provided treatment that was spot on.  The headaches disappeared after my first adjustment.  I really admire her commitment.  She went out of her way to be available soon after Hurricane Sandy and did my adjustment in her apartment when her office was flooded out.  I can't say enough good things about Lila.  She is very special." — Alan L.

"There is nothing like the feeling of equilibrium, lightness and relaxation after an adjustment by Dr. Lila!" — Lauren P.

"Dr. Wolfe is amazing!  I went to her on the recommendation of a friend and am so glad I found her. With the early spring we were having in NY, my allergies were awful and I was miserable.  I've been going to Dr. Wolfe for over a month and am now completely off my allergy medication.  All of the staff there are super nice and helpful.  I always feel better after a visit!"  — Jen, Account Executive

"My girlfriend who was 34 weeks pregnant at the time had a baby in Breech position.  (meaning the babies head was upright instead of facing down, which usually happens around week 34.) Not wanting to do any procedures that would cause trauma to the baby we opted for a chiropractic method.After only 2 visits to Dr. Lila the baby successfully flipped to the head down position. This was great news since it meant that our baby was going to have the best opportunity to be born naturally.  I highly recommend Dr. Lila to anyone seeking Chiropractic help.  She is friendly, knowledgeable and strong. Thanks Dr. Lila!!!" — Joseph L.

"Dr. Wolfe is AMAZING.  I started going to her because I had a constant headache.  Not multiple headaches, ONE that would not go away...for months. After the first session I felt GREAT.  It took her about 2 weeks to get me straitened out, going 2-3x per week, but after those few weeks I can go a whole month or longer without headaches.  Then just one session with her again puts me right.  On top of all that, she's a super sweet, caring person who is out to make the world feel better." — Tara S.

"Dr. Wolfe is truly amazing, I had pain in my leg and lower back for 2 months, after suffering so much I could not walk I went to her office where the staff was also a pleasure to deal with. Dr Wolfe treated me immediately and after my first visit I was able to walk again. After about 4 visits I was my old self again. There is no need to suffer from back, neck , or leg pains she is a miracle worker! Her office is also a wonderful place to go to. I would go everyday if I could. If you have any pain, suffer no more visit Dr. Wolfe and her staff, and feel great." — Alice A.

"I so look forward to my visits to Dr. Wolfe's office. Renee, the receptionist, is a sweetheart. The atmosphere is clean and comfortable. You immediately feel welcome here. Dr. Wolfe takes the time to explain her adjustments and help you work through the discomfort - i feel like a million bucks every time i leave her office. Her flexible walk-in hours are also a huge convenience for me. A great experience all around!" — Gina G.

"The best place for a great treatment. I had severe muscle spasms in my left shoulder that would leave my shoulder swollen for days. My primary Dr. said that in all of his 20yrs of medicine he had no clue about what was going on. After visiting Dr. Wolfe, no spasms, no locking up of my neck, no swelling & I can actually carry a bag again. No BS here just spreading the word about my experience." — Gypsy S.

"Dr. Lila Wolfe of Life Chiropractic is AMAZING.  I've been going to Dr. Wolfe on and off for about a year or so but I changed jobs in August and no longer work up the block from her office.  I am currently 6 and 1/2 months pregnant and having back problems and was going to another chiropractor closer to my new job but missing Dr. Wolfe and Renee (her lovely assistant).  I am now trekking across town to see Dr. Wolfe 3 times a week because she is the only one that seems to help me.  She is so thorough and caring.  Its worth the trip for me!!!  I highly recommend her!!!" — Jennifer C.

"I am a grown man in my 40's.  I have never been to a chiropractor in my life.  Mainly due to growing up in a household that didn't know anything about chiropractors so subsequently they had more fear about going to them and unfortunately that was transferred on to me.  I just grew up thinking i should never go to a chiropractor because they would only make it worse. 
Before any x-rays,  before anything...she sat down and talked with me to pinpoint why i was coming to see her.  (a friend has been urging me for years to see her but out of my own ignorance i was hesitant).  Once we spoke in length,  she did x-rays,  pinpointed my problem and immediately started treatment.  Nothing aggressive,  yet extremely beneficial.  I am a hairstylist of 20 plus years,  I have neck issues.   AS DR. LILA SAYS, "  WITH A LITTLE WORK I AM GOING TO BE JUST FINE". And guess what people.....SHE IS 100 PERCENT CORRECT!!!! I AM FEELING JUST FINE! THANK GOD FOR DR. LILA WOLFE." — Louis C.

"I have been seeing a chiropractor for over 8 years and for the all different places and practitioners I have visited -- Dr. Wolfe is hands down the absolute best chiropractor. She takes the time to listen to you and fully understands the physiology of the human body all the while explaining to you what's happening and what's needed. After only a handful of visits, my body is humming, I am sleeping better and my overall vitality has increased. If you are considering chiropractic then you should go to Life Chiropractic as it will be the place to heal your aches and pains. From the atmosphere to the people, you simply won't find a better practice and practitioner." — Joshua M.

"The best chiropractic experience I have ever had !!" — William L.

"Lila Wolfe is one-of-a-kind. Truly. She spends a considerable amount of time with you during the first session in order to diagnose the issue you come in with and then explain in detail how to treat the matter. The ensuing adjustments are quick and delicious. The sciatica that sent me to her in the first place is no longer an issue, and I plan to keep seeing her regularly to make sure it stays that way." — Krishna S.

"Dr. Lila Wolfe is simply the best Chiropractor.  Period.  I starting going to her for my chronic neck pain over two years ago.  Every time I leave her office, I am recharged, refreshed and ready to take on the world.  Renee, her receptionist is also incredibly friendly.  Do yourself a favor and go see Dr. Wolfe!" — Jenny S.

"Dr. Wolfe is simply amazing. She has changed the quality of my life. I was reluctant to see a chiropractor, until my back was in so much pain I couldn't stand up. Dr. Wolfe helped me repair my posture and alignment, and the effects have been a completely new life - I not only feel better physically, but I can see a huge difference in my mood, ability to concentrate, and overall health. She is absolutely fantastic, and I've referred everyone I know who mentions they have back pain. She's also smart, funny, and compassionate when it comes to people (like me) who really don't take the best care of their backs." — Melissa W.

"A few weeks ago I woke up and my right hand would not move at all.  I called a friend who immediately referred me, without hesitation, to Dr. Lila.  Upon arrival I immediately felt welcome, and taken care of.  I worried that I had had a stroke, or MS, or something else equally devastating.  She helped calm me down, and helped me understand what was going on with my body and that it was only whiplash and a severely pinched bundle of nerves.  Following our first session I immediately saw results.  She is a miracle worker! Two and half weeks later, my hand is back to almost 100% functionality.  Between her therapy, and the deep tissue massages she recommended I feel like my life is quickly getting back to normal.  I will continue to go to her even after my hand is back to its normal self, because I understand the overall healing benefits to being adjusted by someone who knows what they are doing.  I cannot recommend her enough!" — Laura M

"Dr. Wolfe is 'da best!!  I've suffered with lower back pain for many years but ... thanks to the good doctor, after only about a month,  I can now dance the Rhumba - seriously!  She has such magical hands...seems to find the source of pain, zeros in and doesn't let go until it's gone. She's so easy to talk to - she explains everything so you know exactly what is happening and what you need to do to get the most benefit.  L-O-V-E HER!!" — Debbie R.

"Dr. Wolfe is a true miracle worker. She's competent, present, informative, friendly, thorough, and highly efficient. Seeing Dr. Wolfe has drastically lessened my chronic back pain, improved my posture, and has given mental clarity of my well-being which has contributed to a healthier lifestyle. She's saved the day after throwing my neck out on various occasions, and has taught me that I don't need to wander the earth holding onto stress and pain. If you want to improve the quality of your life, hands down Dr. Wolfe is the best chiropractic healer in NYC." — JE

"I had never been to a chiropractor before seeing Dr. Wolfe because the idea of anything being done to my spine scared me. But last year I had a back injury and a friend of mine referred me to Dr. Wolfe. I couldn't be more thankful. She took the time to go over my x-rays with me, explaining things to me in plain English, and made me realize that my injury could be dealt with. Never using scare tactics, she focused on my getting better and was always able to recommend an exercise or supplement that could help my condition. Dr. Wolfe is a very kind and caring person and I would wholly recommend her to anyone." — LI.

"I was really impressed with the level of professionalism and care Dr. Wolfe provided.  When i saw her the first time, i immediately knew i was in the right hands. She explained in great detail what my situation was and put a plan in place that addressed issues.  After a few weeks i was back to myself again and continued to see her for maintenance.  The staff was very courteous and extremely helpful. Very positive experience it and i will recommend as best in the city." — Sandy R.

"Dr. Lila Wolfe changed my life. I have been having pain and stiffness in my neck, shoulders and jaw for 12 years. After getting dental work done, meeting with countless massage therapists and seeing 8 different chiropractors, all of them telling me I was hopeless - DR. WOLFE WAS FINALLY THE GAME CHANGER, and it only took her three months!!  I moved to New York and went to Dr. Wolfe as a recommendation from one of her patients. I went in thinking that chiropractic adjustments were something I would have to go to frequently forever just to manage the pain without actually correcting the problem. I showed her my X-rays, the same X-rays that so many specialists have looked at throughout my 12 years of incessant pain who told me I would have to get jaw surgery. Dr. Wolfe took one look at them and told me that an expensive, inconvenient surgical procedure was not necessary - then she laid out the game plan that gave me the relief I haven't felt since I was 12 years old. Dr. Wolfe is a warm, hilarious, caring, laid back, perfect, cool and beautiful human being. While it is very important that you like your chiropractor as a human, what's even more important is that she's smart as hell and is actually getting you results. SHE HAS IT ALL.  You hear a lot of mixed messages about chiropractors - that the adjustments don't stick and that it's a waste of time and money. That couldn't be further from the truth with Dr. Wolfe. She took a girl who had accepted that she was never going to feel normal again and got her to cut the sulking crap and take her health back into her own hands.Dr. Wolfe changed the quality of my life. I don't have pain anymore or any of the restrictions that come with it. She made a positive change in the way I carry myself. I would recommend her to LITERALLY EVERYONE, even if you're not feeling symptoms. She teaches you how to listen to your body - she's more than a chiropractor. She's actually magic. Go experience it. Bring your babies. I guarantee you, you won't regret it!!" — Paolina H.

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