Insurance Coverage:

We are in network with many major insurance companies for symptom and pain care.

Having insurance with Chiropractic coverage does not guarantee that your plan will pay us for your care.

All policies have different deductibles, copays and coverage allowances for symptomatic/pain care.

If your insurance doesn’t reimburse us fairly for your care, we will stop engaging with it. We have affordable fees that people are happy with.

If you want to know details of your coverage, please call us with your policy information and we will check for you.


If you don’t have coverage and are seeking Prevention or Wellness care, which is not covered by insurance, or if your insurance plan is not paying for Chiropractic care, we have affordable rates.

Wellness and Prevention rates:

First Visit - $150 - includes the treatment.

Follow-Up Visits - $75/visit

Discounted Package - $360/6 visits (expires after 4 months)

Children 18 and younger:

First Visit - $75 - Includes treatment

Follow-up Visits - $60/visitor